An introduction to sports photography. 3 simple tips to get started.
Sports Photography
March 2, 2020

Sports photography is one of the most dramatic on-field genres of photography and it is also very difficult to get a hold on, how much ever of a great photographer you are. Because the action is so fast, just a mistake here and there, or lack of timing can ruin the scene and a scene once lost cannot be recreated.

Look at some of the greatest moments in a sports game and how perfectly some photographers have captured it to put it down in history. All of that is possible with the help of skills, great practice, alertness and reflex action to hit the shutter at the right time.


So in this blog, we are going to tell you about some basics of sports photography and what all you need to proceed and become a professional sports photographer. Keep reading the blog to find out more about this topic.


Here Are Some Basics You Need To Know About Sports Photography


Photographing The Action:


All sports games are of different time spans. Some end in minutes, while some games last for hours. And the longer the game, the more chances you get to photograph the players in action. However, there are always some highlights in every long game, like a certain kick in a football game, or a catch in a cricket game, and these highlights are unpredictable. So to capture them, you should always be very alert. Because an action once missed, cannot be captured again. Hence, photographing action is nice, but you should know the game to understand when to turn your camera to who.


Shooting The Reactions:


Sports photography is not just about shooting the players in action. But it is also pretty interesting to capture the players outside of the game. Like taking a shot of a player, while their goalkeeper tries to save a goal. Or capturing two players having a discussion in the middle of the field. Or the reaction of the athlete who just won the race. These are all precious reactions and they are equally important to be captured. The viewers enjoy looking at such photographs. You can also picture the players before the game starts, or after the game ends. That will definitely give you some good story snaps.


Having The Perfect Access:


Access is the most important thing in sports photography. And that is the reason why all the sports games have the front row reserved for the photographers. How great your telephoto lens is, but without good access, you will not be able to steal a shot from the game. Especially in sports photography, you should place yourself beforehand, and think of the perspective that you will get from that location. For eg: if you are photographing in a badminton game, and if you want to support player A, so you have to choose a location, which will give you a good action view of that player. With access, you can get closer to your shot, without distractions.




With this blog, we hope you get a basic idea to proceed with sports photography. To know more about the equipment and other details, keep reading our blogs on the website.


Until then,


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Sports Photography
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