Adobe Premiere Rush Version 1.2 Brings Latest Speed Adjustment
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August 7, 2019

Adobe’s cross-platform video editor, Adobe Premiere Rush for smartphones, tablets and PCs is now updated with new features that enables users to manipulate the speed of video and add ramps while maintaining pitch.




The speed adjustment controls in Rush version 1.2 live in the speed panel and display speed as a percentage, where 100% is real time, while values below or above the baseline are in slow and fast motion, respectively. You can enter a specific value or use a slider and optionally enable the maintain pitch option to preserve the original pitch of audio at any speed. 


Transitioning from mobile app to Windows and Mac is seamless for Premiere Rush users. The project files are synced to the cloud and associated with AdobeID. Premiere Rush is included as a part of creative cloud all apps and Adobe’s Student plan. Under which export upto 3 files are free and chargeable henceforth.   


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