Adaptalux Flash Lighting Arms Helps You Shoot Your Best Macro Photography
October 8, 2019

Today on Kickstarter, Adaptalux Flash Lighting Arms was launched.

The Adaptalux Flash Lighting Arms will help you capture your best macro photography.

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If you enjoy macro photography and you've been looking for something amazing that will improve your photographs , then this might be interesting. UK-based company Adaptalux has been trying to solve the problem of lighting macro photographs since its inception in 2015 - and has brought some fantastic products to market as a result.

However, founder Samuel Granger has a new trick up his sleeve - the Flash Lighting Arms. Each Arm houses a high-speed manual flash that can be accurately positioned wherever the light is needed most to produce unique flash macro images. 

The Flash Lighting Arms have a Xenon flash built into the head with five output settings, Bluetooth app control, quick flash recycle times and a long battery life. These features are all designed to help make flash macro photography as simple as possible. 


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Even more excitingly, the Flash Lighting Arms are backwards compatible with every version of the Adaptalux Studio Control Pod, which means that anyone who's ever invested in the Adaptalux system will be able to use this new product. The Control Pod sits on your camera's hotshoe and has five input ports for Lighting Arms (whether they're flash or continuous). 



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The Flash Lighting Arms have five output settings, and each individual Arm can be independently controlled directly by the Control Pod or wirelessly via the app. The flexible Lighting Arm design means you can position each Arm exactly where you need it to have ultimate control over your lighting.

With fast flash recycle times, you don't have to worry about the frustration of missing a killer shot. Meanwhile, a battery life of up to 18 hours means a shoot will never get cut short. 

The Flash Lighting Arms use Infra Red triggering, which is very reliable over short distances. The IR emitter is powered with replaceable batteries and has a universal hot shoe connection that works with all modern cameras. 

With the Flash Lighting Arms enabling the ability to use both flash and continuous lighting simultaneously, this is another revolutionary product from Adaptalux that macro photographers will surely love.

If you're interested in picking up the Adaptalux Flash Lighting Arms for yourself, check out the Kickstarter page for some early bird details. 


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