When is nature at its best? For photographers- Always-The Photo-Hippie Nature photography gives you the pleasure of viewing and capturing the various forms of nature. And then you’d know that nature is always at its best regardless of any complimentary season, weather, or light. Every form of nature has its own relishing beauty; it takes a photographer with his or her DSLR lens to picture that! So which DSLR is best for nature photography? Let’s browse through the best options you got. But befo...
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Jul 27, 2018
Wedding photography is already an industry in itself! It has grown leaps and bounds. The number of wedding photographers is increasing every day and so are the demands. I will discuss some points as to how you can stand out from the crowd and build a niche for yourself.SOURCE1. Talk to the coupleThis may seem to be a very simple thing to do, considering talking to your client is obviously mandatory while getting the contract. But this talk that I am referring to is not a business talk. It should...
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Wildlife photography is something which is endearing, amazing and one of the best enchanting experiences. Leave aside the photography, the sight of a wildlife sanctuary is much pleasant in itself. And if you have a photographer within you then capturing the wildlife is always on your wish list. But, wildlife photography is not as easy as the other photography as living creatures are involved in it. They are not the humans who would obey your orders or can understand your work. They will be extre...
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When someone tells you about a great shot you clicked, you feel no less than puffed up, don’t you? But have you ever wondered how great shots are captured? Is it just because of a great DSLR? Well, yes but not just that. You need to know the key elements of composition and photography. Composition is more than a set of rules. It is similar to a chef who uses his ingredients in certain proportions to make a great feast. For me composition elements are like my secret ingredients that help make the...
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Jan 9, 2019
 Meet Brendon Fernandes. He is one of those cliché photographers who quit their jobs and moved to photography to follow their passion. He is an MBA graduate and for almost 5 years he was working in Reliance Communications as a Marketing Manager for Blackberry devices. It was a sweet job at first but corporate red tape and culture quickly turned that sweetness into something sour and unpalatable. Photography was just a hobby for him at that time and in 2012 he finally had enough and quit his job ...
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Jul 2, 2018
Photography is a creative art form that depicts stories, patterns, thoughts and emotions using just a single motionless frame. If that is not creative enough in itself, pay a visit to the abstract photography world. Anything that is non-concrete and intangible is termed as abstract. Anything that seems beyond the understanding of a commoner is termed as abstract! We are going to discuss about how true or false that is. Abstract photography is like that small island, far away from the main countr...
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Feb 2, 2018
SourceThe extension tube is an attachment used between the body of the camera and the lens. There is no glass involved so there is no optical disturbance in the quality of the image. The Extension tube helps to get closer to the subject beyond minimum focusing distance of the lens. You can also fill the frame with more of it, and still achieve your focus. The extension tube not only helps you to get closer but also limits how far a subject can be from the lens.Top Lens Extension TubesSince exten...
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Jul 19, 2017
No matter whether you are in photography techniques or not but still you always want your picture to be crisp and bright. No one likes the heavy or the unclear pictures. Most of us prefer the pictures which are taken in the studio because there we can have a dark and a solo coloured background which makes the photos crisp. And if you are into photography and you are learning too many techniques and tips to improve your photography then here we are giving you the tips to click pictures and create...
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Sep 20, 2018
We have with us Oli Murugavel who is born in the south of India, he always dreamt about the scenic snowy mountains of the north. A wish of him to visit Kashmir and its people to capture through his lens came true in January 2018. Kashmir is called as 'The Paradise on Earth' because of its pristine natural beauty and its unique culture. When it comes to Kashmir, the Phiran (traditional long clothing of Kashmiris) and the snowy, foggy landscape were the only things he knew about but Kashmir had mu...
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Jul 12, 2017
‘Practice makes a man perfect'. This is a quote which all of us have been taught when we were in school.All of us were forced to study Math, even when we did not like just by convincing us with this quote. But, yes the saying is correct. Definitely, practice makes a man perfect, no matter in which field. And photography is a thing which can never improve by learning the rocket science but only by practicing. Photography is something very personal. One can definitelyteach you the techniques of a ...
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Nov 8, 2017
One of the most trending thing which you must be seeing on the social media these days, apart from celebrities and memes are the pictures of bloggers. You must yourself be following some fashion bloggers, travel or the food bloggers. They are super trending these days. Well, fashion blogging is sort of a modeling where the fashion bloggers get their pictures clicked by professional or budding photographers. Also, the pictures which you must be seeing are mostly of the daytime and are outdoors. T...
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Aug 8, 2018
Have you seen the speedy travel videos where the sun sets fast and darkness creeps in? If not, surely you have seen similar scenes in movies. These videos are examples of time-lapse videos. A time-lapse is nothing but showing the lapse of long time duration in a few seconds. These are used so frequently in various travel and tourism video packages and nowadays in movies as well. Time-lapse can be done by taking images as well. Most of your cameras will have the inbuilt time-lapse video option. H...
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