7 Tips For Shooting Street Fashion Photography.
Fashion Photography
September 20, 2019

Fashion is the most varying thing we can ever have as humans. It changes with time, location and culture. And so does the streets. Every place has an essence of their culture on the streets. And shooting street fashion photography is the best way you can showcase fashion in the true sense. You can either combine them both to form one fashion trend or you can use both of them as complete contrasts and still attract eyes to the photograph.


Don’t worry, this might all sound very difficult for you, but I am going to clear all your confusions in a minute. So without wasting much time, let’s dive into the art of creating street style fashion photography.


Here Are 7 Amazing Tips For Street Fashion Photography


1. Find A Location That Interests You


Now you have to be very smart when you pick up a location for your street fashion photography. It has to be a place which will allow you to capture your model without any hesitation but at the same time, it should look like the heart of the city.


You can’t choose a street which is too chaotic with other people around. This will make it very difficult to highlight the model from the rest of the crowd. 


And a totally empty street without any people around will make the photograph look blank. So you must go out beforehand and do thorough research of the streets you want to shoot at.





2. Make The Model Stand Out 


This brings me to the next point that there will certainly be other people on the street, but your focus should be to make the model stand out from the rest.


For this, you can make use of different lenses which will help you to do so. Say for eg. a portrait photograph will be best when you are photographing your model in a market place.


Another method you can use is, trying different angles, like try capturing the image from a very low angle. Which will create an impression of the model being bigger than the rest





3. Keep A Check On The Lighting


One major drawback of shooting outdoors is that you cannot have any control over the lighting. But you can use natural lighting to your own advantage.


So before heading out for a shoot, you should check the weather and the position of the sun. for eg, the sun when it is exactly above the head will ruin the photograph with too much brightness. So that might not be a good time to shoot in.


But instead the morning is a good time when the sun is in the middle, the light is dimmer. Same with the golden hour.


On the streets, you might also get interesting lightings from the street lamps or the hoardings of shops. For this post-sunset is the best time.





4. Make The Model Feel Comfortable 


Your fashion photography is only successful if your model gave her 100 per cent. You have to make them feel comfortable while you click their pictures. 


Posing for photographs in a studio is very different than posing on the streets where the passers might make the model feel conscious, especially when they are newbies. 


So as a fashion photographer, it is very important to tip in street fashion photography to make your model feel comfortable posing on the street. You must make a comfortable conversation with them, tell them what poses are working out, where they look beautiful etc. 


Building a rapport beforehand is excellent too. 


5. Get Inspired By Other Photographers Work


You must have read multiple tips to execute your fashion photography shoot, but the best way you can learn anything is by looking at other photographers work. The pictures they capture.   


Read about their experience while doing the photo shoot. You will definitely learn from their mistakes and refrain from doing the same.


Read about Street Style Photographers Sharing the Secret to Good Fashion Snaps


6. Always Shoot In Raw  


It is needless to say how Raw images are better than JPEGs. Especially in fashion photography, there is always a scope of creating dramatic fashion photographs by compositing or surrealism.


So shooting in RAW is going to give you a better scope for editing your pictures later. They will capture all the true colours in the street fashion photoshoot and you can still process it to suit your choice.


If you are still confused, then read more about  

What to shoot in? JPG or RAW! 


7.  Be Fierce And Create Your Own Style


Getting inspired by other photographers is a different thing, but that doesn’t mean they always do it right. There is in fact no right or wrong in fashion photography.


You can get absolutely creative and create your own style of street fashion photography. Take out your camera and get on the street with your model.


Without hesitation, you must go on and click any frame that you like. They key is to click until you satisfy yourself and that is how you can make your own style in street fashion photography.







So next time when you are planning to do a fashion photoshoot might as well try doing street fashion photography.


With these amazing tips to do street fashion photography,  I hope you get a good gist of what to keep in mind.


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