7 Stunning Fashion Photographers To Follow On Instagram For Inspiration
Fashion Photography
September 17, 2019

Fashion Photography in itself is a very artistic genre of photography. Here as a photographer, you don’t just focus on the lens, camera and its composition. But you have to look at all the minute details including, styling of the model, the location, theme, the image that you are trying to portray etc.


It is basically a conceptual photograph. And it is very obvious that you will soon run out of ideas and inspirations to execute your next fashion shoot. But you need not worry. When you fall short of creativity, there are always ample of other people around whose work can become your inspiration and you can begin your work again.


So Here We Have Mentioned 7 Profiles On Instagram That You Must Follow For Inspirational Fashion Photography Ideas.


1. Emiee Sharma

Emiee Sharma known as @emieesharmaphotography on Instagram is a Mumbai based fashion photographer and works all across India as a stylist, fashion and Portrait photographer. 

He uses equipment like Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 6D Mark II. Check out his profile to get some inspirational ideas for your fashion photography project.


2. Ankit Kumar

Ankit can be found on Instagram by the name @framesbyankit. He is a fashion and portrait photographer and most of his execution happens in existing surroundings. Like streets, parks, cafes, or other architecture. 

Head to his profile to find location ideas and inspirations for fashion photography.



3. Praveen Bhat

Praveen Bhat is an established fashion photography in the industry. He works for magazines and clicks celebrity faces. His Instagram profile goes by the name @praveenbhat

Our take away from Praveen’s profile is his way of shooting Editorial fashion photography. You must head out to his profile to find some inspirational shots. 



4. Victoria Krundysheva

Victoria is a Conceptual fashion photographer. Her photographs are both intensely personal and loudly public in their nature. Her fashion composition is very surreal and everything has a dreamlike presentation to it. 

Her photography is a true inspiration to present your inner voice through fashion photography. 

Find her on instagram @Victoria Krundysheva



5. Arjun Mark

Arjun is an Indian Fashion photographer, who is excellent work with renowned fashion magazines. He has received many national and international awards in different genres of fashion photography.

Head out to Arjun Mark’s profile to see some Inspirational High fashion Photographs. 

Instagram: @arjun.mark



6. Rohan Shrestha

Rohan is a celebrity photographer for a very long time now. He is also a travel enthusiast and likes to merge his fashion photography with travel photography. You will often find his models posing in exotic locations.

Check out his Instagram for more inspirational photography ideas @rohanshrestha 


7. Tejaswi Ghagada

Tejaswi is a commercial fashion photographer. She is self taught and believes in translating emotions and feelings into art work.  Tejaswi makes photographs that will stand out in itself and perfectly fit the aesthetics.

Check out her Instagram profile for more @tejaswighagada




Inspiration is very easy to find. You just have to look around and everything that attracts you will help you to execute your next project.

The point is, not to stop. You must constantly get inspired and keep your creativity going on.

Fashion Photography
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