7 Composition Tips For Stunning Fashion Photography
Fashion Photography
September 24, 2019

Composition as a skill is pretty much the same in any kind of photography. But in fashion photography, you are not just creating focus on you model but you have to create a great amount of emphasis on the fashion element in the picture. It could be anything from clothes, footwear to hand bags. But one thing remains constant in fashion photography i.e the focus on fashion.


So in this blog we are going to read about composition techniques you can use to create amazing editorial style fashion photographs.


Here Are 7 Tips For Creating Professional Style Fashion Photographs.


1. Place The Model In The Centre:


This technique of composition will absolutely work since you have already drawn attention on the fashion by placing the model in the centre. Here the point of interest is in the middle which might look very simple, but can glam up the photograph by using a background which is a contrast to the fashion. 


Which i have explained in the latter point about backgrounds.


2. Rule Of Thirds:





When you are absolutely clueless about composing a fashion photograph, then rule of thirds will solve your problem.


Start by using the grid on your camera. A 3x3 block grid. Then place your model at any intersecting line on the view grid. You can move your camera around until you find a perfect position. You will see a very balanced composition in the photograph.


After a point of using the rule of thirds, you will realise that you don't even need the grid and yet your fashion photo composition will be on point.


3. Create A Counterbalance:





Like I said above, the art of composing a fashion photograph lies in achieving balance. And in this tip of composition you are going to create a right balance in the picture. 


 You must create a counterbalance when the model alone looks very plain and empty in the frame. So to cover the blank space you can add another person or a bigger element in the photograph and show a relation between the two.


But to keep the focus on the model itself, make sure the other element is very lowkey. Use counterbalance to create harmony in your photograph.


4. Use A Good Background:


Needless to say, a good background will contribute to enhance the photograph even more. Look for a background which is a contrast to the fashion.


So if your model is wearing a very monocolor dress with minimum elements in it, then you can go for a tacky background where a lot is happening. Like a wall with creepers and colorful flowers. Or even a graffiti wall would look good.


And if the fashion is very high end, then you can complement it with a plain single color wall with minimal details in the background.


5. Use Props:


Props are a very good way of creating dimension in a photograph. The are very useful to create a theme that goes along with fashion.


Props will give unsaid context to the picture and make it look interesting. From adding volume to creating surreal photographs, props can work out in any situation.


6. Capture Movement:





Gone are the days when fashion photography meant, just making your model pose for the picture. This is a very nice composition tip in fashion photography, used by all the professionals in this field.


Make your model do any movement or activity with grace. Like sitting on a chair, laughing, dancing etc and try to capture these actions with precision.


You will feel the photographs to be more lively and interactive with the camera.


7. Follow Leading Lines:





This type of composition mostly happens in and around architectural structures, which has huge endless structures.


You can use the lines in it to begin framing the photograph. And place the model in the beginning of the line. 


So you will notice that the lines will create an endless illusion and the model will automatically become the center of focus.




At last you must know one thing that not every composition tip is going to work similarly in fashion photographs . so you must learn to adapt and change your techniques based on the external circumstances.


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Fashion Photography
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