5 Top Food Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram
Food Photography
January 24, 2020

Blogging is one of the most trending ways of marketing any product or idea. And food blogging per se has a very huge market in itself. But to achieve food blogging as a profession, you should know how to photograph the food in a very appealing way at the same time, write about it on your blog. You don’t specifically need to start a blog page for this, social media is indeed the best blog to do so. So for better tips and techniques to improve your blog and photography, read our blog series on food photography. And for some inspiration, today in this blog, we are going to mention some of the most popular food bloggers that you can look up to and learn from their techniques. Keep reading to check out the list.


Top Food Bloggers To Follow In 2020 For Photography Inspiration


Uma Raghuraman:


A Chef herself, Uma has a very unique style of food photography. She is not much into fancy backgrounds and a lot of props, but the simple and very ethnic style of presentation will definitely catch your eye. You can't imagine how she manages to make a bowl of dal khichdi look very tasty. Head out to her profile and start making your notes.


Follow Her On:

Instagram: masterchefmom

Website: masterchefmom.blogspot.com


Natasha Hamo:


Natasha has a profile full of various types of cuisines. The first thing you would want to do is, get into the picture and grab a bite of the food. However, what sets her apart is the kind of colors she uses in her pictures. They are very pestle and she makes sure to match the prop with the food on her plate. Her post-processing also makes the pictures look very retro and aesthetic.

Follow Her On:

Instagram: organicandhappy


Krishna Angira:


He is a Delhi based versatile photographer, who is also a pro in food photography. Krishna is very minimal with his photography approach. And what you can take back from his photography is to compose a picture in a way that it doesn’t look over packed or empty at once.

Follow Him On:

Instagram: krishnaangira

Website: www.krishnaangiraphotography.com 


Sujata Sadr:


Sujata is a commercial food photographer and stylist well known in her field. She is most admired for her use of color palette in a very photograph she styles. She makes sure to go with a theme. It is great to see how she knows the colors too well and she is also aware of using it when and how. She has professionally worked with Cosmopolitan magazine and she keeps on delivering commercial projects. 

Head out to her profile to see her work.

Instagram: sujatasadr

Website: www.sujatasadr.com


Rekha Kakkar:


A cook herself, who clicks and also writes about various kinds of food. She is a total food blogger who loves to capture Indian cuisines. Rekha has a very vibrant way of capturing pictures. She makes her food look loud and colorful, just like any Indian dish would look.

Check out more on:

Instagram: rekhakakkar

Website: mytastycurry.com




These are some of the most amazing photographers of different styles to follow for getting inspiration as a food photographer. But always make sure you add your own sense of style and creativity to your photography.


Try out various techniques in the beginning stage, and once you get a hold of it, then continue to make it into your specialty.

Food Photography
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