5 Interesting Fashion Photography Trends You Need To Know In 2019
Fashion Photography
September 13, 2019

Fashion photography is well, very different than any other genre of photography. As a fashion photographer, you must not just play the role of capturing the photograph, but you are also responsible for creating every photograph in order to suit the style of fashion that you are trying to photograph.


And to direct the arts of a fashion photoshoot, you have to be very familiar with the latest fashion photography trends which are appealing to the latest fashion and people across. So to get a brief idea before starting your next fashion shoot, get the gist of the latest trends in this blog.


Here Are 5 Fashion Photography  Trends To Follow In 2019


1. The 70’s Retro



 The 70’s fashion is literally back in everything around us. And the fashion too has taken a U-turn. With the fashion world following the olden day trends, as a fashion photographer, you too must accommodate your style of photography to the new trends in fashion. The retro style of fashion photography has some very common way of execution. Starting off with, the makeup and look of the model. A typical way of getting a retro look is doing the hair in a retro style and accessories. Other things which can enhance the photograph are the pose of the model and the location that you select to do fashion photography.

 Now the most interesting way of creating a trendy retro fashion photograph is by post-processing it with retro filters and edits. This trend has returned to stay longer and you can definitely make eyes turn with retro style fashion photography.


2. Minimalism




Yet another fashion photography trend that has picked up the pace too quickly. Minimalism is being loved by people. In lifestyle, fashion, food etc and now it is time you implement minimalism in your fashion photography style. As it goes with the name, minimalistic photography means making use of minimal elements to compose a photograph. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the fashion in the photography, it just means that you have you use very little things to fill the frame alongside the fashion/ model. Like using a plain, single-toned background. Without anything too loud. This is also a very efficient technique when you want the viewers to just focus on fashion and nothing else.


3. Surrealism


Surrealist fashion photograph is the best way to create something unreal, something that is departing from reality. You can do so, by post-processing the photograph using bits and pieces from different pictures. It’s 2019 and everyone would love to admire some art induced fashion photograph. So go on and put all the things together. Anything that you think will add the extra aesthetics to your fashion photoshoot.


4. Nature’s Touch


Studio fashion photography is almost out of trend now. The latest trend in fashion photography is to go out in nature and add some natural spice to fashion.   

It creates more effect to the photograph because you have to make do with whatever the location has to offer you. There is hardly any scope to change things according to your composition. And with the basics of nature, you can also create more emphasis on the fashion element in the photograph. 


5. Black & White


Well, this is that one trend in fashion photography that never goes out of style. You can capture flawless monochrome photos in any location. It is a very good way of capturing highlights and contrasts in a photograph. In 2019 you can create a classy and subtle editorial style fashion photographs, without doing too much.




Like I said above. Fashion is changing and the art of capturing fashion should also change with it. So to create an amazing fashion photography profile in 2019, you must definitely try these latest trends in your next photoshoot.


Keep capturing.


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Fashion Photography
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