5 Composition Tips For Amazing Landscape Photography
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October 24, 2019

Landscape Photography is one of those genres which test your composition skills on a very serious note. And it is certainly the best way you can ace up your composition game and be a better photographer in any other genre of photography.


In landscape photography, the composition is that one thing which decides whether or not you have created a good picture. It is not just about holding a camera still and using filters to make your picture beautiful, but composition tells the viewer your perception of looking at a scene.




In this blog, we are going to tell you some very important composition techniques that will certainly make your landscape photographs look very professional and beautifully pleasing at the same time.


Here Are 5 Amazing Composition Tips For Landscape Photography


1. The Rule Of Thirds:

You must have come across this composition technique very often in your entire span of photography. But let me tell you there is no better place than landscape photography, to actually use this composition tip and seize the frame in your camera.

Rule of Thirds is very simple to apply. You will see a 3 X 3 grid on your DSLR camera, and you have to use the lines to place the objects in the frame accordingly.





In this image above, the photographer has aligned the sky in the upper line in the grid, giving more focus to the lake and land below the sky. He has also aligned the model in the photo, with one of the connecting lines in the middle of the grid.

To put it simply, using the rule of thirds correctly will always give you a well-aligned and composed photograph. Where you get a clear idea, where you want to focus, - on the upper half of the scene (sky) or the lower half of the scene (land)


2. Point Of Interest In The Foreground:

This is another great way of composing a landscape photograph. Where you can accentuate your focus on a particular object in the foreground.

Let’s take a look at an example.


The picture above is a very well composed landscape. Where the point of focus is the Pile of stones in the foreground. Yet the photograph also beautifully captures the scenic sunset in the background.

You can use any object in your foreground, available on the location. It could be a tree, rocks, bridge or even some boats like we can see in the photograph below.




3. Using Diagonal Lines:

Lines are everywhere, you just have to look around consciously. Diagonal lines make a very good composition tip in landscape photography.

They will help you to create movement in a photograph and give a story for the viewers to follow.





4. Creating A Vanishing Point:

A vanishing point is created when two parallel lines meet at a point in the photograph and make the edge of it look smaller and smaller. It is one of the most visually appealing and dramatic kind of composition in landscape photography. If applied properly.

A vanishing point is best created when you stand in the middle of the road, or a bridge or a farm or even a stream of water.





5. Simplicity:

Last but not least, keep it simple. 

When you look at a scene, the first thing that you should do is take a photograph just the way you think it looks beautiful. For a minute, keep all the composition tips and tricks aside and try to capture a photograph that actually matches the vision you have.

It can be simple, not very mastered or technically amazing. But the point is to click a photograph that will define you. Something that you truly want others to see as a perception of yourself.

Creating a photograph and calling it a capture of your vision is the best thing.



So next time when you are standing before a beautiful scene, make sure you try using these tips for composition and click some amazing landscape photographs.

Make sure you always keep experimenting. And breaking the rules is also a fun thing to do.

Keep clicking!!!


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