5 Basic Poses for your dear ones: Bringing Smiles in your Portraits
Basic Photography
May 5, 2017

Love to click your friends, family, dear ones, need some tips? Here you go...

If you are the one who loves photography and have a hobby of clicking pictures, then probably you are always called by your friends and your loved ones for the photo shoots. And obviously you love that because you enjoy photography. And also it gives you many opportunities to improve your skills as well. But the catch here is that you are an amateur photographer or a learner and hence teaching poses to your loved ones becomes a bit tough. But still everything begins with first level and then it progresses. So, here are some basic poses to help your loved ones for clicking great photographs.




Instead of saying cheese you can say something funny or hilarious to make your friends or your loved ones laugh. If you are capturing kids (maybe your cousins) you can say something fascinating like chocolates, games or toys anything like that. If you are photographing your friends (maybe girls) you can tempt them by saying ‘shopping after this photo session or sale is there on your favourite online fashion portal'. Be very casual and natural in your statements and these basic poses will help you click natural smiling pictures.




It is not always easy to click the group pictures. Usually people also restrict themselves in posing in the group and hence the final picture is not different from the lot. In this case you can help your loved ones with some basic poses for the group picture. One pose can be telling all your friends to look at each other and laugh. You can also show them by doing it. Another way is to tell them to do some fun activities randomly. You can also give them the ideas of using the props. For example you can give the idea of using a wine glass and ask them to have a cheers moment by raising the toast in the air.





The group pictures need to be fun, lively and energetic. Even if it is not loud and funny, it could be lively. One of the simplest basic poses for the group pictures is the jump in the air pose. You can make your friends jump high for the pictures. All you need to do is just show them this simple pose by folding the legs more while jumping. This creates the illusion of high jumps. Also, you could show them a facial expression of excitement. Since you have a comfort level with the people you are clicking you can yourself try the jumps and make them comfortable.




Clicking the families can be a tricky task because you have to catch the expressions of each and every family member in a single take. So one of the easiest and basic poses is to tell all the members to lie down in the bed or in the garden and ask them to rest their chin on their hands and just look at each other. Another simple pose is to ask them to hug each other suddenly. Tell them that you will say a random word and at that moment all of them have to hug each other instantly. This will be one of your best-clicked pictures.




If you have to click a photo including a large number of people then it can be difficult to adjust them in one frame. So, one nice way is to click such photos in an elevated angle. You can use the staircase or the balcony and adjust the people according to their heights and weights. Also, tell them to maintain a single expression. This pose is super simple as you all have to do is adjust them in some sequence which fits properly in the camera and look good.



These were some of the basic poses to show your friends or your loved ones. You can definitely ask them to do such easy and basic poses and then you can click some great pictures. Also these poses are quite easy to teach as well as to follow. And since you are still learning, these poses can be great for you to click as well.

META – Check out some of the basic poses which you can teach your loved ones in a simple way to click great photographs. 

Basic Photography
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