25 Best Nature Photography Shots On Instagram
Nature Photography
November 7, 2019

Nature is different everywhere and so are the perspectives of capturing it. In this blog we have found of the best 25 nature photographs, that will help you to gain some inspiration and get a creative perspective at your own photography. 


So have a good look and make notes. 


1) krishnavuppalapati_photography


This photograph is special for its creative and very unique place of framing. You will usually see, photographers take pictures from above a bridge, but this photo simply reminds us to break the norms and think out of the box with every photograph. 


2) mikspix_


It will certainly touch your heart when you have a glance at this picture.  It is simply a classic example of right timing, framing, and composition.


3) rkdinpuia


A very beautiful landscape photograph, not too wide, but wide enough to maintain focus on every object in the frame. Like the foreground and the mountains + Sun in the background. Maintaining the right balance.


4) rajkumar.pandian



The photographer has beautifully, used leading lines to tell a story in the picture. This landscape is a set example of a perfect composition for a landscape photograph.


5) vidzlandscape



The photo has diagonal lines in it,  which gives the viewers, a story to follow. And to add more to its volume. There is a perfect reflection to make the landscape look even bigger. 


6) vivekislive



An amazing photograph to teach you, how to avoid landscapes and focus on the little details in nature instead. The photographer has paid all the attention to the stream of water, while I'm pretty sure taking a landscape is much more common in such sights.


7) vidyutbiswas



This is a well-composed landscape with objects in the foreground, yet giving a good amount of focus to the mountains in the background.


8) manaskamukhopadhyay 



Whoever thinks that nature photography is about the vividness of vibrant colors, then you must see this photograph here.  It is precisely eye-catching because the monochrome of sephia is giving the setting sun a perfect mood all at the objects around are adding more to the mood. 


9) iamvijeshkv 



This photograph is special because the photographer has modeled a person in the picture, which tells you how massive the site is. It is perfectly composed of diagonal lines, foreground, and post-processed with the right tone of colors. 


10) india_undiscovered



Take a moment to appreciate this seascape with the reflections in the water, making it look as if the man is riding his bicycle into the clouds. 


11) indian.travellers



It is all about perspective. And in this photograph, you will clearly see that. The photographer has made a good attempt at making us feel like we are on the ghats too, by taking a photograph like this one. 


12) siddvlog 



A colorful foreground, with diagonal lines and a big blue sky, makes the photograph just about perfect and a treat to the eyes. 


13) iamvijeshkv 



Another photographer by @iamvijeshkv, where he used a model to pose in the photograph, making the scene before him look huge in comparison. 

The composition in the photograph is amazing and the long exposure makes the flowing water look even prettier. 


14) nashik_pixel



This picture reminds me of the landscapes we all used to sketch in our drawing books. With a beautiful composition having multiple objects in the frame.  

The grains made in post-processing makes it look even better 


15) phphotographyy 



Lines, sky, water and an object in the foreground. Just about a perfect landscape composition. 


16) streets.of.india 


Some photographs are just perfect. It's like nature wanted you to click that picture. And this is one of those pictures. With beautiful patterns of the trees, the sun breaks the theme with its sharp golden rays. And the human silhouette adds wonders to the picture.


17) shoebum.jpeg


A beautiful sunset photograph by the beach, without Capturing the sun?  Yes, that's right, this photo is a classic example of the importance of colors in a picture. 

It's like the golden hour painted the picture.


18) tpc_tkm


Leading lines again. It hardly needs any explanation. You will just see how they draw your eyes to the end of the picture. 


19) santoshrajphotography 


Some photographs make you fall in love and others just make you stunned. This is one of those pictures, which will amuse you with the artistic perspective of the photograph. It is amazing how the photographer managed to incorporate 3 different elements together in such a small frame. 


20) vishaltomar 


Nature will give you enough leading lines. But when it gives you shapes and curves, you cannot miss the opportunity. The photographer of the picture made complete use of the trees on the hill to show the curves in the picture. It is a very unique photograph if you look at it closely. 


21) indiantravelbug 



A beautiful photo that shows patterns in nature. 


22) incredible_himachal25


What is caught in the picture is the contrast of colors. The bright yellow fall leaves and the dull grey road. They together make the picture very appealing. 


23) 01richa90



Reflection at its best. 


24) ignited_images_indranil


When there's not much in the frame, reflections will male your photograph look intense. That is what you can learn from this photograph.


25) fatiihh77




A perfect angle, perfect composition, and a simple story. It just about a perfect photograph, of the power of water and the colors of nature.




With the inspiration of these photographs, you too can get a good perspective and create amazing photographs next time, when you are out in nature. 


Nature Photography
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