15 Destinations For Travel Photography In India
Travel Photography
October 10, 2019

India is a land of dynamic culture and exquisite beauty. And so are the places. This is the only country where you will experience every kind of scenic beauty. From valleys to backwaters, beaches, to cityscapes, to architectural beauty, absolutely making it the best place to take a tour along with your camera and capture the most beautiful travel photography.


If you go on a tour across India, you will realise how vast and endless the land and its beauty is. You will definitely want to swing your camera and hit the shutter on every place you visit. But while you do so, we have a list of destinations that you should not skip at all and capture amazing pictures.


Here Are The Best Locations For Travel Photography In India:


1. Leh Ladakh 

Your Ladak trip has to be shot on Camera. The beautiful Valleys of Zanskar and Nubra, the Tibetian festivals, monasteries, palaces, monks, white sand dunes and so much more, sets the land of Ladakh apart from the rest of India.

You will just not get over this place. It is as if every part of the land is made by nature itself, and you will keep falling in love.








2. Palaces & Forts - Jaipur


The Grandeur place in India, where you will get the real essence of the Princely era of India. With massive forts and Palaces. Jaipur is one of the best tourist spots in India to not just admire but photograph every nook and corner of the city.

Some of the notable places you must visit include, the Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, and even the Jaipur literature festival.








3. Taj Mahal - Agra 

Who wouldn’t want to capture one of the greatest wonders of the world, the epitome of love, while you are in India? Taj Mahal, the Marbel wonder will keep you mesmerized with every step you walk towards it. And I am pretty sure, your camera storage will last insufficient to capture this magnificent marble structure.

And while you are in Agra, you can also visit other places like Fatehpur Sikri, Taj Mahotsav, Agra Fort. You can walk around the Taj Mahal and a photograph from any angle and location is worth a shot.








4. Alleppey - Kerala 

The backwaters of Kerala with Palm trees on both the sides, while you are touring in a houseboat. Doesn’t it sound like a beautiful place to be in? Then let me tell you, as beautiful as it sounds, it is also the most beautiful place to capture in your camera.

Mark Alleppey as your next travel photography destination.





5. Badami - Hubli 

Badami is the place for artists, with excellent rock cutwork that has gone down in the Indian history of architecture. It is a site of world heritage and you are definitely going to capture some amazing photographs here.

You must definitely look for places like Badami Fort, red sandstone outcrops, Agasthya Tank, to get captured in your camera. 








6. Bharatpur - Rajasthan 

Bharatpur is one of those places where you will get to capture scenic beauties along with various types of birds. And the most amazing thing is, the birds here are absolute posers and you will go back home absolutely satisfied with nice shots.





7. Dharamshala - Himalaya

Well goes by the name, Dharamshala is a literal mini version of the spiritual Tibet by Dalai Lama. the serenity in this place is evident in everything around. Like the snowy hills or even the Tibetian heritage architecture. 

This is one of the best locations in India to have an out of life photography experience, which you might not have anywhere else. The most photogenic things include Tibetan markets, architecture, monasteries, monks, prayer wheels, colonial heritage, waterfalls, landscapes, and snow-clad Dhauladhar Range.








8.Valley of Flowers National Park - Uttarakhand

Colors. A lot of Colors. This is what the place is all about. Beautiful flora, with a variety of flowers of different colors, is something worth capturing.








9. Rann Of Kutch - Gujarat

The Rann of Kutch is a salt hotbed, a very unique place to photography in your camera. Especially during Rann Mahotsav, the festival of colors, that paints the white massive land.





10. Mahabalipuram Temples - Tamil Nadu

The magnificent rock work architecture will definitely make you dig for more and more lenses. To shoot the place in various ways possible. This is a very good destination to capture pictures to add to your travel photography portfolio. 

You must definitely cover the Pancha Rathas, Descent of Ganges, Shore Temple, and Krishna’s Butterball.





11. Shillong - Meghalaya


The Cherry Blossom land of India, and the World’s only place has a cherry blossom festival.


This view is something that you can’t get out of your mind. Pack your cameras and travel to Shillong in the mid of November, to capture the cherry blossom festival in your own camera.





12. Spiti Valley - Himachal Pradesh

This is an absolutely majestic place if you want to capture the real moonscape view of  ‘earth’ in your camera. Spiti Valley is a wide range of deserted mountains amidst the Himachal range, sometimes topped with snow is an absolute delight to capture in your camera.

While you are there, you will also come across the Tibetian culture and people, with villages and monasteries spread across








13. Khajuraho - Madhya Pradesh

An absolute delight for ancient architecture lovers, with structures made of stones and carvings. This place has many notable temples, caves, and monuments carved on stones, which are standing still and tall for ages now.

But the most commendable architecture here is the Khajuraho Temple with Kama Stura carvings on the walls, which goes down in history as one of the best carvings.








14. Pushkar - Rajasthan

Pushkar is a sacred Hindu place with Temples and other holy places to capture in your camera. It is a must-visit destination to capture people and the culture of Rajasthan amidst the Thar desert.





15. Kaas Pathar - Mahabaleshwar

The Kaas Plateau also known as Kaas Pathar is located in the western ghats of Maharashtra and is recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site.  

The beautiful flora in the cool weather is a must-visit destination to click amazing pictures.


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So next time you think of traveling abroad to click some travel photographs, think about all the places in India, thatyou haven’t been to. 

Because they are definitely worth a visit and a million shots.


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