10 Amazing Street Photographers In India You Must Follow
October 4, 2019

Street Photography is an absolutely wonderful genre of photography where you can document the real essence of places and the people in those places. Good street photography is as good as telling a story without actually using words. Just through your lens.


And I am pretty sure, even you want to ace up your game of street photography and capture some heart moving shots. And before getting creative in this genre, here is some inspiration that you can use, to boost your ideas.


Here Are 10 Indian Street Photographers You Can Take Inspiration From


1. Arindam Mukherjee

Arindam is a full-time photojournalist from Kolkata, and he believes in capturing reality through his lens. Which is very evident in his style of photography. He has captured pictures from the wide range of mountains in Kashmir to the aftereffect of Tsunami in the east to the taboo of the society - sex workers. 


He captures everything that should be highlighted and should not go unseen by other people.


Check out his Photographs on his 

Official website: arindam-mukherjee.com 

Instagram: @photoarindam



Photographed By Arindam Mukherjee


2. Dhiraj Singh

Dhiraj is an Editor and Photojournalist based in Mumbai. And his work is most popular for the amazing timing of his photography. His work has appeared in popular editorials like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Guardian, etc. 


He induces his photographs with a creative and artistic touch, with great sensitivity and a whole lot of mood in it.


Follow Dhiraj on his Official Website: dhirajsingh.com



Captured By Dhiraj Singh


3. Poras Chaudhary

Poras is one of the finest street photographers in India. Coming from a very small town - Kurushetra from North India, Poras is an excellent freelance photojournalist. He is also very good at documentary photography. 


One thing that never fades in Poras’s photography is how beautifully he captures colors. His photographs will give you a sense of joy. They are always filled with life, expression, color and culture in them. 


Check out his amazing portfolio on his 

Official website: poraschaudhary.com

Instagram: poraschaudhary



Captured By Poras Chaudhary


4. Prashant Godbole

Prashant Godbole is a popular name in the media industry. He has worked with many newspapers and won quite a lot of street photography competitions.


Every time he picks up his camera, he looks forward to capture art and unfold intimate emotions of people. Apart from being a photographer, he is also an Art director and believes in creating every frame with art and story. 


Check out more about him on his 

Official Website: prashantgodbole.com

Instagram: prashantgodbole



Captured By Prashant Godbole


5. Amit Madheshiya

Amit is a Mumbai based freelance photographer. He is popularly known for his work as a street and a documentary photographer. 


He has won popular accolades like World Press Photo-winning and Cannes prize-winning filmmaker. His photographs are a very close sense to reality, filled with soul, struggle and joy.


Check Out more by Amit on his 

Official Website: amitmadheshiya.com



Captured By Amit Madheshiya


6. Shiv Narayan Joshi

Shivaji Joshi is a Veteran Photographer and a winner of more than 200 awards for his work as a photographer. His inclinations are towards the culture and people residing in the deserts of India.


Even though the dessert looks the same, but his versatility in the composition is something to learn from.


Check out more of his work on shivji.photography.com



Captured By Shivaji Joshi


7. Sohrab Hura

Sohrab is an Independent photographer from Delhi and also an Associate member of Magnum photos. He has published photographs of his life into a book called ‘Life is Elsewhere’ 


Check out more of his work on sohrabhura.com



Captured By Sohrab Hura


8. Kaushal Parikh

Kaushal Parikh is a Mumbai based street, travel and documentary photographer. He is one of the few photographers who has taken street photography from a mediocre genre to the art category.


Every photograph of his will scream stories to the viewers.


Check out more on his official website kaushalp.com



Captured By Kaushal Parikh


9. Siddharth Jain

Another good photographer, who quit his job to pursue photography as his full-time career and he is definitely doing great.


His work has been displayed at various festivals, giving his exposure to work with Asian Geo, Himal Mag, Passport Mag and many more.


Official Website: siddharthjain.co.in



Captured By Siddharth Jain


10. Chirodeep Chaudhuri

Another must follow photographer on our list is Chirodeep Chaudhuri who believes in bringing together style, content, and ideas through his photographs.


Check out more of his work on Instagram : chirodeepchaudhuri


Captured By Chirodeep Chaudhuri 



So if at all you feel stuck with your ideas as a street photographer. You can definitely turn on these professionals and take inspiration to boost your mind with creativity.


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