Panorama refers to a very wide angled view of some space. This may include paintings, drawings and p...
14 hours ago
We have with us Oli Murugavel who is born in the south of India, he always dreamt about the scenic snowy mountains of the north. A wish of him to visit Kashmir and its people to capture through his lens came true in January 2018. Kashmir is called as 'The Paradise on Earth' because of its pristine natural beauty and its unique culture. When it comes to Kashmir, the Phiran (traditional long clothing of Kashmiris) and the snowy, foggy landscape were the only things he knew about but Kashmir had mu...
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Yesterday, 10:07 am
Portrait photography revolves around the living subject or subjects in your frame. The process of instilling life into the subjects must be carried out by the photographer. Photography is not bound by rules, but it is spoilt by mistakes. There are several mistakes one makes while doing portraitures. Let us take a look at some of those mistakes related to the composition, camera height, lighting and other factors and learn how to avoid them while we are in the field.SOURCE1)   Eyes are not in foc...
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Sep 17, 2018
Photography is all about playing around with light. Lack of light is what challenges the photographers the most. Night photography is a perfect example of that sort of a challenge. On the other hand, night photographs look extremely beautiful when shot properly. What do you do in such a scenario? Let us take a look at the best camera settings for night photography as well as the challenges faced normally.SOURCE1)   Ideal camera settings:The biggest challenge in night photography is to shoot in e...
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Sep 12, 2018
Sunbursts and starbursts are wonderful effects used to enhance several types of images. These effects can be shot on the field or introduced in post processing. Light bursting out of any light source is called a sunburst effect. We have all seen several landscapes and street images in which the presence of a sunburst is prominent. Now, anything that we don’t normally observe is a fantasy. Starbursts are not clearly view able by the naked eye. So the presence of sunbursts in certain images grabs ...
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Sep 10, 2018
Camera gear fascinates all. The most common question received by all photography institutions is related to the camera gear required in a particular genre of photography. This leads to the question “What lens should I use for portrait photography?” There is no definite answer to this. This will depend on several factors which we are going to take a look at over the course of this blog. Portrait photography is perhaps one of the most common types of photography since no matter whichever genre you...
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Sep 7, 2018
The most common photography questions surround the gear required for photography. Questions like “Which lens is the best to shoot portraits?”, “Which camera will get me the sharpest images?” flood the internet every single day. Photography gear fascinates us all. Being a creative art form that it is, every lens can be used to shoot every genre of photography. For example, a telephoto zoom lens can be used to shoot landscapes, wide angled lenses can shoot wildlife and macro lenses can do portrait...
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Sep 6, 2018
Thank you to all those photographers who shared their best photos from their product photography experiments. We are super excited to announce the Winners of our Product Photography Contest. Congratulations Varsha Chakrapani, Renjith R, Jagdish Choudhary, Avdhoot Fox and Priyanka Rozario on winning the contest!! Photo By: Varsha Chakrapani Photo By: Renjith R  Photo By: Jagdish Choudhary Photo By: Avdhoot Fox Photo By: Priyanka Rozario All the contest winners take home exclusive Pixean t-shirts....
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Sep 4, 2018
Photographing people with glasses has been a challenge for us since a long time. Whenever we try to shoot them, we end up with glares due to the reflection off the glasses. This in turn hides their eyes and produces some odd colour and flares. This blog is dedicated to all those people who have faced this problem quite a few times while shooting portraits of friends and family members. The problem is that you cannot ask them to take it off. At least, not always. In case you are shooting children...
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Aug 31, 2018
Photography is all about being able to clearly depict one’s feelings, thoughts and stories. For this to happen, your subject must stand out properly. The subject can be enhanced in many different ways. It depends on the focusing aspect, the background, the composition and the lighting. Each of these is responsible in making the subject stand out. Let us take a look at a few tips to actually make your subject stand out.1)   The background: The background actually enhances the foreground. Choose a...
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Aug 29, 2018
You must have seen the shots of the earth’s surface, from high above. Some unique patterns, some sharp group portraits, unbelievable landscapes, unseen viewpoints, what so ever be it; they look more than just stunning. Drones are mini aircraft capable of shooting photographs with the cameras that have been attached to them. Drones are controlled remotely using the controller. The amazing perspectives that the drones offer are the primary reason of their existence and not only existence now; they...
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Aug 27, 2018
JPEG is the most popular file format for shooting. This is the reason most cameras normally shoot in jpeg. But times change, as always! Nowadays, many cameras have the feature of raw mode. Even some smartphones can shoot in raw mode.JPEG are most popular and the reasons are aplenty. They are small in size and thus basic small sized memory cards suffice. They can be viewed on any device without the hassles of conversion of format. The case with raw files is exactly the opposite. Seeing these, it ...
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Aug 27, 2018
We are living in a world where creativity is creating all the magic. The freedom of creativity brings about a spark in all our lives. This goes for photography too. Photography is a creative art form which is not bound by any rules of the mortal world. Creative images often render us stunned and speechless. Decades ago, photography required processing, and this has remained so even now. In the years of the past, the photographs needed to be processed in darkrooms. It took hours of efforts to get...
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