By - April 23, 2018

The first step when starting out in any genre of photography is to research and study the images in that genre. There are various types of product images. One of the common types among them is a product-only image with a clean-cut background. 


Consider the image above. In this image, your wh


By - April 20, 2018

Portrait photography is a photograph of a person or group of people. A good portrait is not just an image of a person’s face; a good portrait captures the essence of the person and portrays well the identity of that person.

In today’s world optics seem to have a huge significance. Portrait photograp


By - April 18, 2018

In early photography days, black and white photography was the only option. Now that color cameras are widely available, black and white photography has become a form of art.

What is black and white photography?

In black and white photography, colors are transformed into different shades of grey. Wh


By - April 16, 2018

As the saying goes ....“Anyone can shoot chaos. But the most perceptive photographers can make compelling pictures out of uninteresting moments.”

We have with us Aniruddha Guha Sarkar who is more keen on developing his thoughts, skills and working discipline to be able to express himself to his own


By - April 13, 2018

Food – it’s everywhere and everyone loves it. The rise in popularity of social networking sites has led to an exponential growth in the number of food photographers. To add to it you do not need fancy equipment to get started with food photography; anyone with a basic camera or even a good phone cam


By - April 11, 2018

Bird photography is quite an interesting genre of photography. Whether you want to capture a bird nesting in your garden or capture them in the wild bird photography gives you an opportunity to connect with nature. The single most important aspect of bird photography is to ensure that you do not cau


By - April 4, 2018

Summer is here with its scorching heat and vacation time. If you decide to travel, your itinerary will most probably include beaches, waterfalls, lakes, rivers or any water body that will provide some respite from the summer heat. Seas are the most popular destinations in summer and there is no dear


By - March 30, 2018

The world of plants is a tantalizing treat for the senses. Plant photography is a great opportunity to reconnect with nature. The varied species, interesting shapes, the sizes, the vibrant colors – there is so much to capture! Garden photography is also catching up on Instagram garnering thousands o