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Can you help me out with tips for wedding photography?

Akshay Wayse

answered on November 22, 2018

In the wedding photography you can mostly click candid photos, because the expression we want to capture comes unexpectedly. Portrait photos are the best clicks because in the wedding there are lots people people's gathered, so it is very difficult to get required space. Thank you ðŸ™ðŸ’•. 


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Sahil John

answered on February 16, 2020

Here are some tips while going on a wedding shoot.

  • Pre-checking gear : Always check for the gear you'll be needing during the shoot before going on the location. 
  • Accessories: Just remember to carry extra batteries whether it is for your dslr or for the flash and other lights.
  • Client : Have a word with the bride and groom for the group shots and also for the couple shots.
  • Couple shots : Always remember to do your homework. While going for the couple shots just save some poses from pinterest just to save your time and you can get more shots in less time. 
  • Rituals : Remember that in a wedding each and every moment is special so make sure you cover every single emotion of your couple.


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