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How to achieve Sharp Focus ?

Atul Apte

answered on February 8, 2018
  1. First Select the correct lense
  2. By selecting the metering mode.
  3. Targeting the object which is to be focused.
  4. By adjusting the final focal length by adjusting the ring on the lense.
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Harsh Prakash

answered on February 8, 2018

there are 2 ways of achieving focus

Using Autofocus

turn on the auto focus mode on your lens->then point at your subject->click shutter release button half way to lock the subject in focus->adjust your frame if needed WHILE HOLDING THE SHUTTER RELEASE BUTTON->press the shutter release button to take your photo with subject in focus

Using manual focus

turn on your manual focus on the lens->point at your subject->use the focusing ring to adjust focus according to your eye->press shutter release button to click the photo

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