Which two basics lens are required for normal and landscape photography?

Rahul Patgaonkar

answered on February 6, 2018

Wide angle - 18-55 mm and 55-200 mm lenses required.

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Amit Kumar Srivastava

answered on February 7, 2018

Kit lenses are mostly more than enough for generic shoots. Like 18-55 and 55-200/55-250mm are basic kit lenses. If looking for alternative to both lenses, you can get this range in one lens, 18-105/18-135/18-140/24-120. These lenses would be little costly.


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answered on October 25, 2018

If you are looking for basic lens for landscape and normal photography then Nikkor 18-55 mm basic kit lens is the best and for more focus 70-300 mm is pretty good for normal photography

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Binoy Das

answered on February 17, 2019

For the basic landscape photography  18 to 55 mm and 55 -250 mm lense is ok . 

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