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How to produce best clicks while shooting fireworks?

Amit K Srivastava

answered on October 21, 2017

Diwali season is on. Time to shoot some amazing fireworks. Have you ever tried earlier?

I use my gears Nikon D750 with 24-120mm lens to capture fireworks. I used the kit to shoot fireworks last year. One of my few clicks are attached with my post. Few things that are must for shooting fireworks:

  • Any camera which can exposure for couple of seconds, say 1 sec or more.
  • Having a tripod is beneficial to keep the camera sterdy and align along any direction.
  • Having a wired or wireless shutter release will allow you to trigger the camera without disturbing camera.
  • Right location. It's utmost important factor. You must know where are you going to get fireworks. I prefer to shoot at my terrace. I can point the camera in any direction.

One more point which may seam difficult for most of us but very important is the patience. If you are trying fireworks for first time, it will be little challenging for you so all you need to do it to keep patience while clicking.

Coming to settings, there are no ultimate settings but keeping camera exposed enough in time will allow you to shoot fireworks so shutter speed must be 2 sec or more. If you are not really sure about how long should you keep the camera open, you can keep 5 sec or more depending on amblient lights around. If amblient light is low, you can keep much lower shutter speed. It will allow you to capture any moment in the sky.

Aperture would be good if I keep 5.6 or higher in number. If you still believe that you are getting very low intensity of fireworks, open the aperture. Reducing shutter speed here will not help. Keeping lower shutter speed will bring light trails in the image. So if you are getting good trails but low light intensity, need to widen the aperture.

Similarly if you are getting light intensity too high, need to reduce the aperture. It will cut down the extra light. 


Let me know if you have any points to mention to discuss. Do post your questions in follow up posts.

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