Is it possible that the shutter itself make my long exposure photos blurry?

asked on December 20, 2017
I'm trying to take some long exposure (30s) city photos at night, using a timer on a tripod so there is no reason for the photos to come out blurry...View More

Amit Kumar Srivastava

answered on December 20, 2017

Is your camera old? Cleaning might be the reason for the loud sound of shutter. You can get your camera cleaned.


About the blurry images in long shutter, camera cleaning may be an issue. Another reason, it could be, switch off the VR whenever you set the camera on tripod. Also you can try wired/wireless shutter release to overcome the issue.

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Dipak Nizama

answered on January 7, 2019

You are the lower shutter speed then photo will long expoSure and the shutter speed will high then the its it will complete the exposure value.

You focus the subject and try to low shutter speed and high shutter speed and then show how was the photo

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