What is the most balanced camera for both Video and Photography?

asked on December 20, 2017
What would you guys say is the best or a good camera that balances both Video and stills? I would say something around 1400usd. The reason I'm ask...View More

Amit Kumar Srivastava

answered on January 6, 2018

You can try with Nikon D750. It's really good camera for both photo and video. In canon, it would be 5D Mark III or Mark IV would be good.

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Mangesh Wardhe
5D Mark 4
Mangesh Wardhe
80D Canon

Nikhil Chaudhari

answered on October 12, 2018

Hey if your budget is more than 2 lacs than you should go for sony a7riii..

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answered on January 31, 2019

Canon 1700d

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