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Why DSLRs produce poor video?

asked on November 9, 2017
I am totally not into photo/video however when i decided to buy DSLR or Mirrorless camera around $1500 (body) i got across few which i have chosen EOS...View More

Amit Kumar Srivastava

answered on November 9, 2017
Primary reason for DSLRs not producing high quality video is that they are primarily built for photography. If you check Nikon D750 DSLR, which is full-frame, it is specifically designed for videography and photography. It can produce high quality video. Still it can not match quality of video camera or 4K cameras. Since video cameras are mostly with large zoom range and better ISO control.
If you see cinematography or films produced on DSLRs, they are made well, the reason is lights are properly controlled, angle and handle of camera is very much proper as most of the DSLR owners are failed to do.
Coming to Hollywood movies, they are mostly produced on large cameras not DSLRs, which are ultra expensive, cost may vary around $36000. So they produce ultra-high quality movies.
If you are looking for cheaper option for producing movies/photos, full frame DSLRs are better. Canon provides you fast focus tracking so mostly cinematographers use Canon DSLRs. Nikon has less options. e.g., Nikon 750
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