Need your assistance to comprehend in layman terms current social talk trend on Adobe Lightroom CC Vs Lightroom Classic?

Pranay Singh

answered on October 24, 2017

LR Classic is basically what we all are used to what earlier used to be LR CC (Only Desktop based).

The LR CC is the new addition in LR list and is a stripped down version of LR Classic. Good thing about LR CC is you can sync your photos across devices (Desktop, browser, phone, tablet.)

But then the new LR CC has many new features missing. You don’t have Tone adjustments, Split Toning missing, Camera Calibration panel missing, no face recognition, no healing brushes, no upright tools,

BIG DRAWBACK: Adjustment History missing (OMG!!). if you are used to making HDRs and Panaromas in LR, then new CC lacks the feature. Heck, it even does not allow you to add Watermark on a photo. You will have to move the pic to Photoshop, add Watermark and then save (that’s a lot just for adding Watermark).

No Print Module-so you can’t work on collages.

Advantages of CC: Automatic Backup to Cloud, Sensei keyword tool- This will keyword your photos when you upload it to cloud. So when you check for any ‘lake’ photos it will list all lake photos, or you search for ‘kingfisher’, it may list all kingfisher bird. I can’t promise that Sensei will behave as it promises, but this is how it is supposed to behave.

LR CC: You can only save 1 TB of Photos on Cloud after which you will have to buy more space

LR Classic: Unlimited as everything is stored on your Desktop.

LR CC is good for casual Photographers who need to put images immediately from anywhere on social platforms...LR Classic is for a little serious Photographers

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