What are some of the basic things about photography that every photographer should be aware of?

Nisarg Pandya

answered on February 5, 2018

There are basically three fundamentals that you should follow for photography. Those are

  1. Shutter Speed
  2. Aperture
  3. ISO / Film Speed


You can find a nice article on this fundamentals over here


But before that, you need to practice on Program Auto or Auto Mode (Creative Mode on Canon) for clicking in perfect composition. When I bought my camera, the sales guy suggested me to start with the only composition, rest you can master later. 

Here are some photo composition tips by Steve McCurry - The famous photographer

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Abin Babu

answered on November 10, 2018

All Photographer know there technical side off all the camera it's the way of seeing things around you makes a real photographer, the light , the emotions and patients for right photo

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