What are some useful photography tips while taking pictures with a phone camera?

answered on October 7, 2018

1 Best way to click pictures on a mobile phone is by using grid mode available on every cell phonenow you just have to put 9 things in those 9 boxes which will result in beautiful composition 

2. The angle from where click picture


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answered on December 20, 2018

When People take any  kind of  picture  !! They have to need idea what they are actually click a picture !!!

Every picture tell us story !!

when you click your photo either(good /bad) so many people are tell that photo is not good !! (You are not good  photographer) !! "Dont leasson to other !!"Believe in your self " and try hard as much is possible !!  

 Regarding editing :- edit simple !! Dont use any kind of bad filtering !!  !! Do 1 thing Practice  photoshop curve because it is quite hard !! 

           All the best !! 


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