How to photograph new born babies?

By - December 15, 2016

Nothing can provide more inspiration than a chance to capture a new life, the moment of the beginning of one’s existence. It is well known that nothing is more precious and valuable than life and a new born baby perfectly portrays that.

He is considered an epitome of love, innocence and eternal beauty. The value of capturing a new born is like having a glance at the first ray of the sun. It’s a known fact that a woman’s and a newborn’s beauty increases every passing second and hence it makes the task of photography more difficult. So, it’s better to be in the moment and let the baby move, yawn, and stretch. I believe the best images are unplanned and inspired by the uniqueness of each baby.  Whether it is the dimples, the tiny limbs, big innocent eyes, full lips, or a great head of hair, try to highlight the beauty of the baby.



Initial weeks after the birth make the best time frame to photograph the baby. It can be done in two ways: Either the posed traditional way or the candid way. The former one can be performed within the first 2 weeks of the birth focusing more on the perfect expressions of the baby. But the latter one can be done up to 6 weeks old  as the time frame often become ambiguous for new parents and that is precisely why I feel these types of shoots are so important.

Personally, I value both approaches so I begin with a traditional portrait session, and utilize the breaks in between to get my candid ones. The breaks in between will be crucial for you.  Have the feeding take place in the best light conditions available and you will have a great opportunity for some really candid shots.



Be ready with:

  • Camera – I believe the canon T3i will be good enough.
  • Lens – 50mm/f1.4 and a 30mm/f1.4

Take a lot of care of your aperture setting as many of the poses will have difficult angles and you often will have better luck with your depth of field and sharpness by shooting around f/1.8 & f/2.2.  Remember, it will not always be as planned in case of baby photographs, but that should not be an issue. Try several new angles, frames involving the baby’s cot, the mother and the family too. Apart from these shots, focus on a bit of macro work to bring in versatility. Nothing can be more adorable than close shots of the baby’s pouty lips, fingers, ears etc.



The mother – baby bond is unique. It is perhaps one of the sweetest things of the universe, and perhaps the strongest. Your album must reflect this at any cost! So, the next time you see a toddler, you know how to be equipped!


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